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VELA chairs can be relied on for

  • High quality

The hospital sees 24 hour-a-day, 365 days-a-year activity, with many different healthcare workers using its chairs.

Chairs for this area are designed with a view to managing a high level of wear and tear and to providing intuitive setting options for the variety of users. 

  • Comfort and ergonomics

Ergonomic design is paramount at VELA. Our chairs have a rounded front edge and specially designed seats and backs to promote the best posture possible. 

  •  Large choice of colours and fabrics

The in-house upholstery workshop at our Aalborg factory is able to accommodate special requirements for colours and materials.  



Ergonomic tailormade chairs since 1935 - see the staff chairs by clicking here. We have a range of office chairs, stools and stand/sit chairs

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