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Safety and ergonomics

A children's chair is not just any chair. It can also help learning processes. VELA's children's chair series revolutionises the market for children's chairs, setting the benchmark for ergonomics and safety.

Revolutionary back and seat system

With ergonomics to the fore, VELA's revolutionary back and seat system makes it possible to adjust the chair to the individual child.

Revolutionary backrest, providing optimal support

VELA Hip Hop has a unique divided backrest. The two independent back cushions provide optimal support, responding to the child's back and enveloping the child in the chair.

An adaptable seat

No two children are the same. With the VELA Hip Hop, you can change between soft and firm support in the centre of the seat, thanks to a foam insert that can be reversed. The wedges in the seat create the appropriate shape to support the child's posture. The soft foam sections under the knees and along the thighs support and guide, for complete comfort.


VELA's children's chair series can be fitted with a wide choice of accessories such as thigh supports, tables, belts, body supports, trays, head supports, strolling brackets and folding footrests. Seats and backs come in several sizes.




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