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VELA Samba 150 - reg. height adj.


  • Adjustable armrest width
  • Adjustable armrest height
  • Height adjustment Gas
  • Staff chair
  • Height adjustment of the backrest
  • Back tilt
  • Standing aid
  • Seat tilt





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    VELA Samba 150 with regular height adjustment. The VELA Samba 150 has been specially designed for the dental clinic.

    The VELA Samba 150 has been specially designed with the circumstances of the treatment room in mind. The work procedures of dentists and dental assistants were analysed, resulting in the VELA Samba 150.

    The chair has a unique backrest which affords optimal support. Its slim design provides support for the back while allowing the arms and shoulders to move freely.

    The seat is padded with high quality foam for optimal comfort. The front edge of the seat is rounded to allow ample blood flow to the legs.

    The following settings are possible:
    - Angle of backrest
    - Angle of seat
    - Option for foot-operated height adjustment

    VELA Samba 150 with regular height adjustment.

    Ergononomic quality chairs

    Ergononomic quality chairs

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